• 5 Ideas for woman with thinner hair

5 Ideas for woman with thinner hair

Are you one of those “unlucky women” whose hair is thin and brittle? You don’t know what else you can do, how to manage your hair and what hairstyle suits you the most? Don’t let these questions worry you anymore, as we will offer you quite a few solutions, which will give you beautiful hair with a fuller appearance. Using a few simple tips we will get your hair looking pretty close to the glossy magazine photos.

- Use the right shampoo
First rule for women (and men) with thin, straight hair is to wash your hair frequently. Freshly washed hair has more volume than oily hair, which hangs like a curtain over the head. Shampoos should not be too aggressive and should not contain silicone, as they are loaded with chemicals. Shampoos containing rice or wheat proteins or those that increase the volume are preferable.

- Conditioner is important!
Regular use of hair conditioner makes hair softer and lighter, thus making it look fuller. Choose the conditioner that is appropriate for your hair, as not all conditioners fit every hair type. But beware, when using a conditioner, apply it only on the lower half of the hair, otherwise your hair will look heavy and lifeless.

- Proper blow-drying
Blow-drying is also an important part and it has to be done the right way. The best 'trick' to add volume to thinner, lifeless hair is to dry it upside down – with the head tilted towards the floor. For an even better effect you can remove the dryer nozzle, which directs the flow of the air. That way your hair will be scattered to the sides. When you are done, you can blow your hair with a little bit of cold air, just to tidy it up. An even better option for women whose hair is especially fragile and brittle is to only blow-dry through half the hair, or better still don’t blow-dry your hair at all, as hot air only damages your hair further.

- Hairstyles makes a difference
If your hairstyle is appropriate, it can create the illusion of much fuller hair. The best way to create this illusion is to have shorter hair. In general, the shorter your hairstyle is, the greater volume it brings (at least visually). This, of course, does not mean that longer hair does not look good. If your hair is longer and thinner, you should consider cutting it in layers, which will add more fullness to it’sappearance. In the case where you do not have much hair, it will be more flattering to cut your hair in a straight line, curl it or consider getting bangs.

- Colors increase the volumeBy applying an additional layer of hair color, this can make your hair look thicker and, in addition, if you choose the right shades, it can create a wonderful play of light and shadows and consequently make your hair look as if you have just stepped out of a fashion show. In contrast, monochrome or one color can make your hair look thin and flat.

Author: Hairback Team


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