Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply
Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ®  foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply


Hair Loss - Rogaine (Regaine) for Men ® foam 5% minoxidil - 3 month supply

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Rogaine - YOU CAN'T LOSE MORE THAN YOUR HAIR! ROGAINE (REGAINE) foam minoxidil 5% for men: - It is clinically proven to help hair regrowth in as many as 90% of men. - Easy to use (foam - English foam) applied twice a day in the morning and evening. - Recommended by EU dermatologists, available without a prescription. - Proven on EU users, and over 10 million other satisfied users worldwide. - Minoxidil: Scientifically proven to promote hair growth even in men with hereditary hair loss. The first results are evident after 4-6 months of using Rogaine Foam 5% Minoxidil. It is applied simply in the morning and in the evening to the place where the hair loss has occurred. And it works in as many as 90% of men, you heard right! The thing is confirmed by the US FDA that it works in as many as 90% of men. Tested also by many satisfied users. In the 1980s, they first discovered a remedy for hereditary hair loss called the then Rogaine in the US, and Regaine in Europe and Asia. In 1996, in the US, Rogaine was considered one of the hottest products on the market to promote hair growth. Which is still true today, despite many discoveries. Why Rogaine Foam? Rogaine foam (in foam), which is more effective at the same time, drying hair faster and staying in nicer care. The advantage of Rogaine (Foam) Foam is that it dries faster and is more hair-friendly than regular minoxidil in liquid. IS ROGAINE RIGHT FOR YOU? - Some family members or immediate family members experience hair loss (inherited), - Notice more hair than usual in your bed, in the shower or even on your comb, - The skin on your scalp is increasingly visible especially on the front and back of the scalp. - You have changed the style of your hairstyle to cover baldness If at least 2 statements or more are affirmative, you should experience slow hair loss on your scalp. Rogaine should be the right one for you. Although there are many reasons why hair loss should occur because there are, of course, some ailments, there can be many reasons such as stress, the appearance of fungi, etc. So, if you have no history of family baldness, you should see your personal doctor or dermatologist first. WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM ROGAINE? It is important that you apply it twice a day in the morning and in the evening to get the most effect. Here are some other things that are relevant to your initial Rogaine routine. The first few weeks of Rogaine start to work, you will feel more hair loss than usual. This is the ordinary and expected process of the Rogaine formula. After about 3 months, you will notice that the new hair will grow bright at first, but with time you continue to use it will get color and become the same as other hair on the scalp. 95% of the people who tested ROGAINE clinically decided to continue using Rogaine foam, which confirms the product's effectiveness. Satisfaction Guarantee! We provide a Satisfaction Guarantee and a 15 day money back guarantee if any reaction occurs! We will refund some of the proceeds, so if you used one bottle we will pay you all three that are unused. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE ROGAINE FOAM 5% MINOXIDIL is the most important part of the line, which must be used daily for 12 hours to achieve results, so immediately in the morning and evening before going to bed. 1. First, comb your hair in the morning and divide it into rows by your scalp. 2. The foam will immediately melt when it comes into contact with warm skin. If your fingers are warm, it is recommended that you cool them with cold water before applying. But before applying them to your fingers, dry them. 3. Hold the product upside down and press the trigger to release the foam and apply the latter foam to your fingers. The amount of foam should not exceed more than half the plastic cap. 4. Use your fingers to massage the hair loss area and gently massage on the scalp. Then rinse your fingers with water. Repeat the same procedure in the evening before going to bed, and of course follow the same application procedures. Attached are instructions for correct application in English, original packaging from Pfizer USA.

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Active Ingredient:
• Minoxidil 5% w/w (without propellant)

Inactive Ingredients: 
Butane, butylated hydroxytoluene, cetyl alcohol, citric acid, glycerin, isobutane, lactic acid, polysorbate 60, propane, purified water, SD alcohol 40-B, stearyl alcohol.

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